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Eclectic Taste

Friends and relatives often ask me for my recommendations on books to read for specific genres or authors, a list of films or TV shows I have seen that all dwell on a certain theme, what music or radio stations I enjoy listening to, so on and so forth. When I'm done with the pages about my family and academic background, I will work on this part of the site straight away. Be warned though, the lists will most likely be extensive and my taste is indeed wide-ranging, especially in literature.

Featured Recommendations

I have decided to add a section where I would recommend anything that I believe visitors to this website may find worth checking out. Please note that unless it is specified, I am not affiliated in any way with the companies developing, producing, or distributing the products featured here, so I will not receive some remuneration or any form of commission if you decide to use or purchase any of them.

Classic Literature on Audio from Textbook Stuff

Textbook Stuff is a newly formed company producing unabridged audiobooks of classic literature: short stories, poems, letters, diaries and so on. Each release features full sound design and incidental music to support and enhance the text without intruding on it, so you get a listening experience that is second to none. They have some of the finest audiobook performers in the business, including Martin Jarvis, Miriam Margolyes, David Soul, Andrew Sachs and John Sessions, so you can be guaranteed an excellent reading.

They currently have three ranges:

  • Horror — classic ghost and supernatural stories by masters of the genre including Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, M.R. James, and Sheridan Le Fanu.

  • Nonfiction — biographies, essays and works of thought such as ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, and ‘A History of England’ by Jane Austin.

  • Poetry — selected works by individual poets including Edward Thomas, Christina Rossetti, Andrew Marvell, Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy, and the Brontë siblings Emily, Charlotte, Anne and Patrick Branwell.

Each release contains the unabridged text and runs from 90 to 120 minutes. All releases are download-only (no CDs) and the company has ensured that listeners can get these audiobooks easily and cheaply from as many different outlets as possible. Apart from being able to buy these audios directly from Textbook Stuff, you can purchase each title from iTunes, Amazon, Play, Lulu, emusic, tunetribe, People’s Music Store, Big Finish and Virgin. You can purchase either complete albums or individual tracks (so for each author you can buy a complete release, or just a specific poem or story).

Please check out to find out more.